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Indiana Coyote Rescue Center .. check out this website for information about the misunderstood coyote. Articles, news, and great educational resource. Thanks to CeAnn for this wonderful resource and all of the hard work that I know from experience comes with making it happen!!

The ICRC is currently home to 21 coyotes (Canis latrans). All the animals were rescued from a humane shelter or from private rehabilitators when the animals could no longer be released because they had become too tame to humans. CeAnn Lambert has a license from the state of Indiana, which allows her to give a home to these animals who would otherwise not have survived. CeAnn also counsels people who have somehow obtained young coyotes who, contrary to expectations, did not turn out to be good “pets”.

CeAnn started her work with coyotes and wolves at WOLF PARK in 1986, and helped to hand raise a litter of wolf pups in 1987. She attended behavior seminars at WOLF PARK and read the literature on coyotes and foxes. She is now well-known in Indiana and is often interviewed in the media and gives lectures on coyotes and their place in nature to interested groups. In short she speaks for coyotes and against the mindless persecution of these animals.

CeAnn supports her facility from her own funds and donations. The coyotes are fed road kill deer and donated freezer meat. CeAnn has volunteers who help her with the care of her animals. She has worked for Behavioral Health care of Lebanon, IN, for five years caring for abused or mentally ill children.

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  1. I`ve had a coyote for ten years she died in her sleep.she was a threat to none.but here in pa. you cannot get a dog lic for a coyote who really are dogs.My baby was so gentile maybe becouse I got her when she was 5-6 wks old.she was very shy at first .then slowly became queen of the house.she never bit anyone. if anything she was afraid of in pa. they issue lic.s for pitt bulls. I just equel treatment for coyotes.thank you.I`m dennisc6020.or you can reach me at

    Comment by dennis carr sr — 16 May 2010 @ 1721

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