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What is exactly is Scientific Classification?

    Scientific classification is how scientists categorize and name plants and animals. There are seven divisions in scientific classification.

Why do we need scientific classification?

    In order to effectively study plants and animals, all scientists need to use the same names. Using the same names keeps scientists from getting confused about what species is being referred to. Our current day classification system was created by Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeaus in 1757; this is what we refer to as Taxonomy.

What is the Linnaean taxonomic system?

    The Linnaean taxonomic system is quite useful as a classification system. Not only does it provide official names for every plant and animal, it also helps scientists understand how objects are related to one another. The Linnaean system is based on a series of nested categories. Each Linnaean name is based on Latin and Greek root words which are often difficult to pronounce. People that are not scientists use common names. For example, the wolf is known by many common names. To keep the confusion down scientists will use the wolf’s scientific name: Canis lupus.
lupus – (gray wolf)
varies -… there are more than 30 known sub-species to date

Some taxonomists have reclassified the domestic dog as Canis lupus familiaris, making it a subspecies of wolf.

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