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Posted by LGK in events (Tuesday November 7, 2006 at 1113)

Having lived in Hampton Roads for almost a decade I knew there was a red wolf recovery program near the Outer Banks. Being terrible with a map prevented me from visiting until recently. The last time I was in the area it had taken us four hours one way, I wasn’t prepared to make that kind of drive on a regular basis. After digging a little deeper – I found a route that only takes 2 hours. So I made my way south.

Let me tell you there are an amazing group of people working down there for the wolves! People like Bud Fazio, Diane Hendry and Kim Wheeler spend so much of the time dedicated to the red wolf and helping people understand this endangered creature. It is simply amazing.

What I found to be a little sad and strange (at least to me) is that a lot of the locals didn’t know about the wolves in their backyard. Or they knew but just didn’t think about it much. If I lived that close to them in the wild I doubt you would be able to get me off of cloud 9. I would be floating.

Recently, my husband and I attended a wolf howl safari. It was a crisp October night – light was fading as we stood by the Cruff Creek entrance to the wildlife preserve. The mosquitoes were merciless. I was told it was a small group. I would have loved to have taken a blanket and just camped out and listened to the wolves all night. But with the people-friendly bears trekking about I doubt it would have been a good idea much less permitted.

Diane and Kim were fountains of information and it really was an amazing experience. If you are ever in the area I recommend it. You can find out more information at the Red Wolf Coalition website.

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