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Judge Blocks Coyote HuntsComments

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US judge blocks coyote hunting near NC red wolves

Many thanks to U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle for seeing the problem and addressing it. Also, many thanks to all of the people who helped the red wolves and make a difference. Red Wolf Coalition does amazing work, along with the USFWS.

Iowa Wolf KilledComments

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The first wolf to return to Iowa in almost 90 years was shot and killed by a man who thought it was a coyote.

First – if you are a hunter of ANY game — shouldn’t you be able to spot the difference between what you are hunting and what you are not?
Second –
See the difference?

Wolves in the NEWSComments

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Rare wolf-dog hookup indicates wolf population thin

WA wolf population grew

Idaho biologist tracks wolf pup survival rate

The fight over the gray wolf intensifies in the U.S.

6th Red Wolf shotComments

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The 6th radio-collared red wolf shot in a month was discovered on private property.

There has been a reward posted .. find more information here.

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